KeepCup Review

I first heard about the Australian company KeepCup a few months back and spent way too much time on their site building my custom plastic cup. I can only conclude designing your own is part of the fun seeing as how I devoted an hour or so playing around with the combinations.1

I will probably always prefer coffee in an open cup or mug. Like most people I sometimes want to take my coffee with me and a travel mug and lid is necessary. Buying a cup of coffee to-go from a coffee shop presents its own set of issues. the last thing I want to put my coffee in is a travel mug that keeps the coffee too hot and undrinkable for half an hour. And, I do feel bad using a paper cup. You know, the environment and all.

I would prefer the same drinking experience on the go as I get from a regular cup or mug. The KeepCup aims to provide it.

Since you can design your own the way your cup looks is entirely up to you. I took a more conservative approach while my wife and daughter added more color. Since we designed them ourselves and they come from Australia it did take several weeks to receive them. The first thing I noticed was how light they seemed. They don’t weigh much more than paper cups. The grip is aligned perfectly for the way most people hold a cup. The top, although shaped different from most disposable lids, was easy to drink from. With the lid on the cups can keep your coffee warm for a long time. I timed one cup and it was still warm after an hour. But, the good thing is it doesn’t keep it too warm. I was able to also drink the coffee within 10 minutes with the top on. With the top off I could drink within 5 minutes.

KeepCup boasts that baristas love their cups and they are right. One of the things good barista’s rely on is consistency. One of the issues with so many different sizes of travel mugs is barista’s inability to eye-ball their measurements. Also, if they pull you an espresso and then pour it into your travel mug then all the crema they take great pride in is ruined. The KeepCup has measurements on the inside of the cup making it much easier for the barista to work with. The few times we have used ours at coffee shops the barista’s have all said something like “Wow, I love your cup.”

Another good thing about them is they are stackable so you can have several in your cabinet and they don’t take much space. Also, the extra small cup is perfect for babies. No we don’t give Mila coffee but my wife read online2 that the extra small size makes a great cup for babies to use for anything. It is true. It does.

  1. And I still ended up with a fairly simple design.  ↩

  2. I think she made it up because she really just liked designing these things  ↩

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