NuRoast Induction Coffee Roaster

I was hoping to share this and be able to say it was most likely coming to market but with only 35 days left and not even 1% funded, it doesn't look promising. Although, it does appear the creators may still plan on production.

The Nuroast is the Keurig of home roasting and appears to offer the opportunity for the everyday coffee drinker to freshly roast their own beans with very little hassle.

If it goes unfunded I think it will be for a few reasons. Perhaps the biggest issue I see with it is its biggest marketing point. Convenience. As anyone who roasts beans at home can attest, freshly roasted coffee is typically not that great. Coffee needs at least a day (I prefer 4) after roasting before it is at its best.

It also may be ahead of its time. While I think the everyday coffee consumer is getting wiser and more "sophisticated" with coffee, I don't think they are quite ready for home roasting. Even with the ease the Nuroast promises.

Another issue is the coffee illuminati stands strongly against certain types of technology. Many roasters use software to aid in tracking and fine tuning their roasts but the actual roasters and roasting process has remained unchanged for a very long time. Maybe its because there is no better way than the current way to roast the best coffee.

I really hope to see the Nuroast come to fruition. I'd like to try it out plus home roasting lacks competition. While I like my FreshRoast quite a bit, it is still more of a "garage tool". It's not something you can pull out and use on the kitchen counter.

I for one wish Nuroast good luck.

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